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City Lights

Big city lights 35 academy print
Year :
Cast :
Charles Chaplin, Virginia Cherrill, Florence Lee, Harry Myers, Hank Mann, Eddie Baker, Allan Garcia, Henry Bergman, Albert Austin, Joe Van Metter, Robert Parrish, Charlie Hammond, Tiny Ward, Mrs. Hyams, Harry Ayers, Florence Wicks, Jean Harlow...
Production :
United Artists
Description :
Wandering the city streets, the Little Tramp happens upon a blind flower girl who mistakes him for a rich man. The Tramp later saves a drunken millionaire who is attempting to drown himself in the river. The millionaire becomes his best friend. That is, until he sobers up and no longer recognizes the Tramp… In City Lights, friendship and social ranking are not always as they seem. We enter a world of a disenchanted bourgeoisie, where a tramp is king and a blind girl, queen.
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Restoration of City Lights Score

An interview with Timothy Brock who restored the score to "City Lights"

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City Lights Synopsis

A group of civic dignitaries are assembled for the unveiling of a monument representing "Peace and Prosperity". The veil falls - to reveal, cradled in the arms of "Prosperity", the wretched figure of the Tramp...

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Filming City Lights

"City Lights" proved to be the hardest and longest undertaking of Chaplin's career...

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Beautiful Wonderful Eyes

It is thought that this song was composed with this film in mind, but the theme is not used in the "City Lights" score...

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Deleted scene from City Lights

Charlie tries to disengage a sliver of wood stuck in a sidewalk grating

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Extract of draft typescript of “A Comedian Sees the World” by Charles Chaplin, 1932

"It took three weeks to synchronize my picture City Lights and I can assure you it was a most nerve-racking experience."