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The Kid Synopsis

Synopsis of The Kid exactly as written by the Chaplin Studio in 1921

By listing the cast simply as The Man, The Woman, The Tramp and The Policeman, we have already the constituent elements of a drama.

The Story opens with The Woman, “whose sin was Motherhood”, leaving the maternity Hospital with her infant child. As the gates close upon her the attendants smile cynically at the age old tragedy. Wandering about aimlessly the poor distraught mother espies a handsome limousine, and scribbling a hasty note “to love and care for this orphan child”, she places both within the tonneau and hastens off - and then not giving herself time to reconsider, half demented she seeks the river into which she hopes to find oblivion. But as she mounts the parapet, she is restrained by the hands of a little baby who innocently pulls at her skirts. At once the mother love is kindled in her breast and she hurries back to get her abandoned offspring. When she returns, however, the automobile has been stolen and she swoons in pathetic despair.


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