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Discovering Chaplin

An amazing blog run by a self-described “Charlie Chaplin enthusiast and researcher”. This incredibly well-researched site is full of rare images, fascinating historical information, fun trivia, news and all sorts of gems any Chaplin fan would love to stumble upon.

The British Film Institute

A large section of the BFI’s website devoted to Chaplin with biographical information, a research programme, restoration information, and more.

The Little Fellow

A fan page dedicated to the Little Tramp by Lisa Stein Haven, who compiled the publication of A Comedian Sees the World, and wrote Syd Chaplin: A Biography, as well as several of the Chaplin articles in our website’s biography section.

Charlie Chaplin Music

A website that focuses on Charlie Chaplin, the composer, by Jim Lochner. The site serves as a companion and precursor for the book Lochner is writing on Chaplin’s Music.

Sydney Chaplin website

An entire website dedicated to Charlie’s half-brother, Sydney, created by Lisa Stein Haven, author of Syd Chaplin: A Biography.

Edna Purviance Website

Dedicated to Chaplin’s leading lady from 1915 to 1923.

Chaplin Film Locations: Then and Now

A website created by Gerald Smith, a retired IBM engineer, showing locations from Chaplin films “then and now”.

Time with Charlie Chaplin

A blog with a simple mission: Keep Charlie Alive.
Created by Gerry Mandel, author of Shadow and Substance: My Time with Charlie Chaplin


Wikipedia’s extensive entry on Chaplin.

Laura Chaplin’s Website

Laura Chaplin is passionate about her grandfather and paints portraits of him.

Silent Locations

A website by John Bengston, which supplements his series of books about Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, entitled Silent Traces, Silent Echoes, and Silent Visions, respectively, which examine the historical settings preserved in the background of classic films, and the changes wrought by ensuing decades.


Filmmaking workshops in working-class neighboorhoods in the suburbs of Paris where children (re)discover Chaplin’s life and work, and are also taught to write, act in, and produce their very own short silent film.

Chaplin Walks

Charlie Chaplin guided walks around Kennington, London where Chaplin grew up. Your guide will be dressed up like Chaplin.

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