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Chaplin and Agee

“Chaplin and Agee” charts the friendship between James Agee, author of “Let us now Praise Pamous men” and the pulitzer prize - winning “A Death in the Family” and screenwriter for classic american films, including the “African Queen”, and Charles Chaplin, who starred in nearly a hundred films from 1914 - 1967. This friendship emerged in the midst of the tumult of the 40’s and 50’s, with the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Mac Carthysm , and blacklisting.

In print here for the first time is Agee’s amazing screenplay, “The Tramp’s New World”, lost until recently. The striking screenplay - a comedy “so dark it was without precedent” - was written in 1947 for Chaplin’s little tramp character and set in a post apocalyptic New York City. Chaplin and Agee also features many previously unpublished letters, and photographs. As the story moves between Hollywood and Greenwich Village - this two figures come to life - revealing the untold story of the great bond between 2 influential twentieth-century artists.